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I provide contract-based Clinical Supervision to ACMHC, CSW, and SUDC professionals as well as experienced clinicians who are licensed in the state of Utah. I have been providing supervision services since 2013 and enjoy working with individuals who are looking to expand their skillset. I specialize in working with dually-diagnosed substance users and mentally-ill individuals. 

I can provide supervision on-site in the Salt Lake City Metro area and remotely anywhere in the State of Utah. I am certified in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, and the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Coding Manual. I have a budding Vipaśyanā and Mettā practice and aim to work with my supervisees on a variety of mindfulness practices to help decrease unintended reactivity and increase ability to be truly present with their clients, thus mitigating transferential and counter-transferential occurrences. I have taken several Clinical Supervision courses and can confidently guide newer clinicians as they navigate the complexities of a new practice. 

Clinical Consultation   

I also offer Clinical Consultation Services. I specialize in reviewing and creating organizational policy and procedure, clinical service conceptualization, and creative problem-solving. 


I will work as a W2 employee or as a contractor and accept Fiat or Bitcoin as payment. 

Consult and Contract Rates – 1 Hour Weekly

Supervision or Consult  – HourlyBite by Bite$125   / ₿.02
Supervision or Consult – Half-Year ContractClinical Tune-Up$3,000   / ₿.3
Supervision or Consult – One Year ContractGet Dialed$6,000   / ₿.6
Supervision to Licensure – Two Year ContractStart Strong, Finish Strong$10,000   / ₿1.2

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