I just put my head down and do the work and sometimes, I’m asked to talk about it.

KUTV News Addicted Utah – “Trouble Getting Treatment”

In late 2020, I was asked to share my thoughts on sex offenders and substance use disorder treatment. My thoughts on this particular issue, are many. and while most of what I had to say, didn’t’ make it into the piece, the piece itself speaks very well to the heart of the issue. Yes, sometimes people commit horrible acts against others and YES, even people who commit such acts deserve equal access to treatment options.

KUTV News Addicted Utah – “Waiting for Treatment”

In May of 2020, I was interviewed by Jim Spiewack of KUTV news for an Addicted Utah segment on the difficulties the “helping professions” have faced in finding qualified professionals to serve the ever-expanding population Utah’s people-in-need. There is hope to the end of the story, but the last few years have been admittedly bleak.

Utah Department of Health – Motivational Interviewing and Chronic Disease

Below is a presentation I gave on Motivational Interviewing in April of 2018 for the Utah Department of Health. It is a slightly higher-level presentation on “tweaks” to common Motivational Interviewing techniques for experienced practitioners.