What Is An Ally? – Part 3

Followup up on my second post, What Is An Ally: Part 2, I conclude my thoughts on allyship, based on conversations I had at the Association of Social Work Boards 2022 Annual Delegate Assembly. Alies Adopt an Anti-Racism Standard Sometimes, it’s easy for people to identify with one group of people, yet still have biases towards others. In Utah, we have “safe diversity,” that is to say, a culture of accepting people who look different, but hold the same cultural values and mores, so really aren’t different. Such…

An Open Letter to My Friends and Family

During an exchange on Twitter yesterday, I was accused of”defend[ing] the police” as I remarked about how much worse things could have been in Salt Lake City during the May 30th riot. The commenter, referring to a video of an SLCPD Officer who pushed an elderly man down (perhaps accidentally), stated “I’m not sure…how to engage in a conversation with you.”