Back Online

So, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve written in the way I once did. Recently, on thinking back about a former life, I realized how much I miss it. So…I’m getting back to it.

I kept a blog for over ten years. From 2002 to 2012, I chronicled a lot about my life. Perhaps a bit too personal, it was really a time before social media became the default way of sharing information. I created a lot of the site thematics myself, with it always running non a B2/Wordpress backbone and because that’s what I know, I’ve come back around too it.

In 2012, I let my oversight of the blog lapse and having not paid enough attention to it, the hosting of the site expired and…I lost my content. I have searched high and low for backups of my old database and have come up short. That said, I sit here today awaiting a SATA hard drive enclosure that will bring my old MacBook Pro’s first hard drive back to the living and I’m hoping (🤞🏼) to find a copy of the data there. If not…then…I guess I’ll keep trying to reconstruct it from other sources.

Moving forward, I’m not sure what I have in mind for the site, other than it being a creative outlet. For a long time, the drive to write and post pictures drove me outside with my camera in search of something new and beautiful and these days, I want to get back to documenting the beauty of life in that same way. Though my old Nikon D40 still does the job (and well I might add), perhaps an upgrade is in my future.

Aside from being a creative outlet personally, I feel as if I’ve amassed a lot of experience – personally and professionally – that I’d like to share here. Much has changed in the decade-plus since I was writing regularly and perhaps something I have to say may be of influence to someone else, somewhere, for the better.

So, with a sense of personal congruence and light intrepidation, I move forward in this project. Surely, it will grow more and take further shape as I grow more, but to not start again would be betraying my sense of my greater self which, these days, just isn’t acceptable.


Jared is a father, a cyclist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a general helping professional who works hard to focus on what lies ahead rather than what lies behind.